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1- Quotation Request

The order process starts with a quotation request, based on that, we are contacting the manufacture to request the best price for the customers taking into consideration the quantities and the location of the shipment. After that, the offer will be sent to the customer's email before proceeding to the next step.

2- Physical Inspection

After accepting the offer, an agreement will be signed with the customers and the manufactures. Then, Mavi Karavan will physically inspect the products and assess their quality by a special team. This inspection is assessing the items' technical specification using a special quality check questionnaire (technical features, design assessment, and packaging). The result of the inspection will be shared with the customers ready to go to the following step.

3- Securing the Payment

Before the delivery process starts, Mavikaravan will facilitate a bank transaction (customers to manufacturer) using "cash against goods/document" to make the payment on hold by the bank pending a confirmation notice from the customers/ manufacturer.

4- Delivery

The manufacturer will ship the order to the agreed location using the international exportation codes that will be agreed upon in the agreement in step 2. A confirmation email will be sent to the customers. After-delivery customer service will be always ready to assist our customers.


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