Mavi Karavan Added Value

Quality Control

Mavi Karavan is ensuring the quality of the listed products in the store by assessing the manufacture and the products itself. All the manufacturers listed here have the CE certificate and eligible to be sold in the Turkish market by TITCK (Turkish drugs and medical device agency) an agency working under the ministry of health and it is equivalent to FDA. Besides, Mavi Karavan is conducting a physical inspection with a quality checklist for the products before the shipment to ensure the quality of the products itself.

Customer Service

Mavi Karavan defines good customer service to be responsive, precise pre-order and post-order communication. Mavi Karavan is working to meet the expectation of our valued customers in the whole process, starting from the quotation to post-delivery follow up. We are taking our customers' feedback very seriously so please let us know your feedback using the contact form or directly to

Payment Management

Mavikaravan encourages utilizing the good practice of payment in exportation so, all payment will be to the manufacture and having the banks "cash against goods" as a default method of all transaction. Mavikaravan will facilitate this step for our new customers.

Fast Logistics

Mavi Karavan is linking the customers to Turkey that not only closer to our customers in the middle east and Africa, but also it has one of the most modern and comprehensive supply chains. Turkey has a vision for 2023 to be Euroasian logistics hub with a total number of 500 billion USD exporting volume. This sector has more than 400,000 employees, 3217 companies and 50,000 truck and 49,000 trailers. More stats and a close look at the Turkish markets will be shared on Mavi Karavan Instagram page.