Our Team

Making procurement
for healthcare specialists easier!

Mavi Karavan is a business to business service specialized in sourcing medical equipment from Turkey. The founder is Dr Mahmoud Hajjar who started Mavi Karavan to solve the problem of finding the right and the best equipment for healthcare facilities. For more than 6-year of working as a medical manager, it was always a hassle to procure medical devices since the logistics team were most of the time unfamiliar with the technical specification of the medical equipment. Regardless of the strength of the supply chain, choosing the best and even the right supplies has been a challenging task for both the logistics and the medical team.

Mavi Karavan has evolved to overcome this difficulty and other difficulties related to sourcing medical equipment. We not trying to make it easier for non-specialists to do the job but we are trying to make the job easier for the specialists in healthcare to source what they need!

Mavi Karavan is offering a platform of the best medical equipment manufactured in Turkey with a clear specification including the photos to make the process of finding the right items easier, faster and more precise. Our current database has more than 100 manufactures and it is frequently updated. Mavi Karavan is listing the manufacture based on certain criteria, not influenced by paid promotion.